Long Island Coalition for a National Health Plan

February 16, 2008

National Health Insurance

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From a flier explaining Conyers Bill – HR 676:

National Health Insurance with Conyers Bill – HR 676

The essential points are:

1. The for-profit insurance companies are out of the picture, saving us at least 25% of costs.

2. Everyone is covered, and 95% will pay far less.

3. We’ll be healthier!

How would a “Medicare for All” Health System Work?

Every American would receive a National Health Insurance Card. This card could be presented to any doctor or hospital for a full range of benefits. Patients would pay nothing out of pocket, and they would receive no medical bills. Doctors and hospitals would be paid out of a single national health fund instead of a wasteful patchwork of insurance companies. The paperwork savings would be enough to provide coverage for all without spending any more.


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